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( Please be aware that pictures do NOT do justice to 

our products!  Due to circumstances beyond

our control, the quality of photos is low compared to

the quality of our work! )



Belle's Daisy Garden (BDG) is our best selling

design. This design was named for my sweet,

83 year old mother, Belle, because it is

her favorite. It is available in the original colors

of deep purple, pink and yellow (BDG-1)

or in a combination of pastel pink,

blue and a lighter yellow (BDG-2).

        Geraniums (GER) design is our second-best seller.

       The flowers are a beautiful, deep, vibrant red.

      Blue Bonnet Medley (BBM) design is new for 2001!

    Who doesn't love blue bonnets? And when 

combined with daisies and 

sunflowers, they make a stunning display.

       Tulips (TUL) design says "spring". It is available

      in two combinations. TUL-M is a combination of dark

red, purple and yellow. TUL-P is a combination

 of pastel pink, purple and yellow. Perfect for Easter!

Pansies (PAN) design is available in a combination

of red, purple and yellow flowers. Just beautiful!

          Irises (IRS) design is simply stunning. The 

     flowers are light purple, rose and periwinkle blue.



      Grapes (GRP) design has been an excellent seller.

It is available in two colors. GRP-P has the

traditional dark purple grapes and GRP-G

has green grapes. Both are enhanced with lovely

vines and leaves.

Fruit (FRT) design is new for 2001!

We have had numerous requests for a fruit

design and this is sure to be a best-seller!

The combination of pear, orange, grapes and

strawberries is delightful.

      Lemons & Cherries (L&C) design is new for 2001!

      These are simply luscious, what more can we say?

Strawberries & Blueberries (S&B) design is 

new for 2001! This classic combination 

of fruit is so bright and beautiful,

sure to become another best-seller.



       Pumpkins (PUM1) are the cutest whimsical

 pumpkins you've ever seen-each has it's

 own distinct personality.

No photo available at this time.

         Pumpkins & Leaves (Pum2) design is new for 2001!

        For a beautiful fall arrangement, this is the perfect

       choice. Pumpkins with black-eyed Susan's! A less

     elaborate version of this is also available in our

lower priced selections.

Leaves (LVS) design is in great fall colors,

cascading down the pot- perfect for fall!

Holly (HOL1) design is quiet elaborate with a

painted gold ribbon and beautiful holly. It's simply

        gorgeous! A less elaborate version is also available

in our lower priced selections.

   Christmas  Ornaments (ORN) design is delightful for 

holiday decorating or gift-giving! Ornaments design

 is available in gold (ORN-L), mauve (ORN-M) ,

or primary colors (ORN-P).




Our Lower Priced Designs

(Same great quality of workmanship,

just less elaborate design.)


       Dizzy Critters Collection was first introduced in 2000. They have a sponged light blue

 background. These adorable, whimsical 

designs are available in Dragonfly (FLY),

 Bees (BEE), Fish (FSH), and NEW

   for 2001, are designs of Frogs (FRG),

and Ladybugs (LDY).

           Wisteria (WIS) and Ivy (IVY) are always classic favorites.

    Crayons (CRA) and Chalkboard (CHK) make 

perfect teacher's gifts. The crayons come 

on a white background, and the 

chalkboard on black.

            Handprints (HND) design is in bright primary

 colors. It comes with messages on the rim

       of the pot with a white background. Messages 

available are

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

It's a Boy!

It's A Girl!

I love Gran!

or whatever you can think of!

          Candles (CND) and Balloons (BAL) are new for 2001! These designs are perfect

 for birthday parties.

          Stars & Stripes (S&S) design and Stars (STR) are

          new for 2001! These designs come in classic red,

          white and blue and are perfect for July 4th

or any time of the year.

No photo available at this time.

   Pumpkin (PUM3) design is a simplified version 

of Pumpkins and flowers, with one pumpkin

and fewer flowers, but still very lovely.

No photo available at this time.

Holly (HOL2) design is new for 2001! This

beautiful design is a modified version of our

original Holly, with less decoration.

No photo available at this time.

Snowman (SNO) design is a jolly snowman

painted on dark blue sponged pot. So cute

he makes you smile!

            Christmas Lights (LTS) design is new for 2001! 

        This adorable design is great for decorating at

 Christmas time.


Backgrounds Available

       B-Buttermilk             W- White  

B- Black                    N- Natural 

                SY- Sponged Yellow     SL- Sponged Gold                     

    ST- Sponged Taupe      SB- Sponged Light Blue

SG-  Sponged Green         D- Dark Blue

               SR- Sponged Rust       SD- Sponged Dark Blue








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                Last modified: October 09, 2001