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Our Products

           Flower Pots        Storage Benches

   Watering Cans           Plant Stands

      Mailboxes               Flower Buckets

     Candles                              Hats   

    Acrylic Serve Ware       Garden Benches   


Product Info

Flower pots & Saucers

Our handpainted terra cotta flowerpots and

saucers are an artistic twist to a timeless

    favorite, with styles that are sure to complement 

any decor. Each piece is sealed for water 

resistance with a hardwood floor finish, 

   making them completely functional, in addition

 to being beautiful.


Watering Cans & Flower Buckets

Watering cans and buckets are of the highest

quality and have a white background.

They are truly exquisite when handpainted

by our wonderful artists.



Our mailboxes are standard size and available

in white or black steel. We use a sealer for 

durability and water resistance. They make a 

beautiful addition to any home or office.



Our candles are almost too beautiful to burn! 

But just in case, each one is handpainted with 

a special technique, which prevents the paint 

from burning. Must see to believe the beauty!

Acrylic Ware

We are so excited about our newest addition to the

family, acrylic serve ware to meet all of your

party and lounging needs!

We recommend hand washing. 

Not microwave safe.



Our hats are not only beautiful, but also very

durable and make the perfect gift for

any gardening enthusiast.

They are made from Ecuadorian palm

and are simply gorgeous.


Benches and Plant Stands

    Each piece of our wooden furniture is handmade

when ordered and painted with great

attention to detail. The furniture

is made of pine by an experienced

woodcrafter who hand selects each 

piece of wood to guarantee quality.






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