To The Waters Edge Page

So happy you have found your way here!
On this page you will find some patterns that
all have something to do with water
or the waters edge!
Some of the patterns have been requested,
hope they are what you were looking for! :o)

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Hope you will enjoy them as much as I have!
Feel free to take them and use for your own enjoyment!
All I ask in return is that you please
sign my guestbook to let me know you were here! :o)

If you have any ideas or crafts you'd like to share,
I'd love to hear from you! Would be happy to add them to the
pages for all to see and enjoy!

These patterns look terrible when viewed with
the AOL browser,now would be a good time to switch if ya can! :o)

Remember,you may enlarge or reduce as wanted
for your needs!