This n That Wood Patterns

Finally!!! Some new patterns! This will be your page to find the long awaited "other" patterns! I will try to add a few each day for as long as I have space to store them! Don't forget to let me know if there is something you want to see! Hope ya find something ya like!:o)

Cow Patterns

Manure Happens: cute sign!
Cow Family: small cow family
Cow Heart Peg n Hangies: Cow heart peg n small hangies
Cow n Barn Napkin Holder:
Cute Cow Stool : page 1 of 3
Cute Cow Stool : page 2 of 3
Cute Cow Stool: page 3 of 3
Heart Cow:
Over The Door Cow: page 1 of 2
Over The Door Cow: page 2 of 2
NEW!!!Assorted Small Cow Patterns


Angel Collector Wall Hanging 1: page1 of 2
Angel Collector Wall Hanging 2: page 2 of 2
Lil Angel:
Windowsill Angel:
Block Angel:
Simple Angel:
Melon Angel:


Other Things

Primitive Americana Tree
Primitive Bunny Horn Blower
Gabriel Horn Blower
Rabbits,sort of primitive
Couple of Hearts

More to come!!!! Wait for it!!!


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