Springtime Patterns

Welcome to the Springtime Patterns Page!

Feel the cool air ,
breath in the freshness all around you,
it's springtime at last!

I have some new patterns to share with you for
this wonderful time of the year!
I do hope you will find something to
your liking!

As always,if you need any help,
just ask!
I've decide to include Valentine's day
patterns in with the springtime
instead of making seperate pages. :o)

The patterns

Valentine's Day Patterns

Cupid Picture

Cupid page 1

Cupid page2

Easter Patterns

Parade with picture

Bunny Angel with Picture

Bunny Lollipop Holder with bonus pattern

Bunny Family with Picture

Hoppy Easter

Other Springtime Patterns

Garden Angel page1

Garden Angel page 2

Tulip Basket (Wood)

Pixies For Your Garden

Cute Frog For Spring

Spring is 4 the Birds Sign with Picture

Picket Fence Pot Holder with Picture

Gone Fishing Sign with Picture

All patterns shown on these pages are from
my private collection ,saved over many years time.
I do NOT claim to be the designer
of any of the patterns.
If I know who the designer is,I have given credit
to that person, ones without credits,I
do not know who the designers are.
If they are yours, let me know,I will
gladly give you proper credit for your work.


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