Quickie Crafts

On this page you will find a few "quickie" type crafts, all are easy to do, most can be done without a pattern, and usually from just scraps left over from other projects!

Don't forget--depending on how you decorate each project will make the difference in fancy or primitive!

Let's get to the goodies.....


Do you or someone you know, have some old horseshoes lying around somewhere? Well,why not dress one of them up a bit? All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a few pieces of dried flowers and a bow! If it's rusty and you don't like it,spray paint it!


How about a small bag or two to sit around with some of your other goodies? Or maybe hang from a cabinet door knob, or wherever you'd like? All it takes is a scrap of fabric,any kind you wish,sew up the sides and bottom,add trim if desired,stuff it with anything from plastic grocery bags to potpourri! Tie with jute or ribbon,embellish with other goodies if wanted! Super simple!


How about some melons? Very simple and colorful,no matter which design you use.The toothpick holder is just a scrap piece of 2" x4" wood,cut into a melon slice shape,with or without "bite",and a hole drilled into top to place the toothpicks.


Need a simple door or wall welcome? Take your pick,they are all simple and quick to do! Welcome blocks are made from scrap pieces of 2"x2",with holes drilled through centers,string all of them together,tie with a loop for hanging,add decorations as wanted! Heart welcome is done in same way with a little bit of raffia added to back and topped with a bow.


Hearts are great for any type of hanging or message,any size will do! Just paint as you wish,add a message or picture,use alone or in bunches,whatever your imagination tells you! If you really think you need a pattern to cut,fold a piece of paper in half,draw one half of a heart,cut out at fold,open it up,you have a whole heart pattern! What could be easier?


Any shape,any size,any saying! Have fun with them! Personalize to suit your taste! They also make great gifts!


Wreaths are another great wall hanging for your home! Can be super simple or cutsie and sweet! Wooden heart wreath is made from several hearts laid out in pattern desired,then glued together.Add a bow,and you're done! With the small grapevine wreath you can use up some more of your fabric scraps,make a small heart,stuff it,glue it on add a bow and maybe a few dried flowers,done!


This one is useful as well as being charming! Cut the birdhouse shape from scrap 2" wood,find an old pie pan,glue house into pan(or use screws from bottom of pan),cut out a couple of stars from thin wood or thin metal(carefully!),add wires for hanging all of your goodies!Add a bird if wanted,hang from a tree,add some birdseed,sit back and enjoy the birds!

These are only a few quick ideas of things you can make for practically nothing! Sometimes you just have to put your imagination into overdrive,and let it go! (Or be super bored sometimes,like me!)Just look around you,see things in a different way than you usually do for awhile! And don't worry about what someone else is going to say about it! It's yours! It can be any way YOU want it to be ! :o)~


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