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Special Notice!!

As of Jan.2003, this site will be closed permanetly!
If you want any of the patterns posted here,
be sure to save them now!
I will NOT be able to send them to you at a later time.
It was a pleasure to be here, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Thank you, Lizzy :o)

So happy you have stopped by!
Please,come in,get comfy!We have lots of
goodies to share with you during your stay!

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Lizzy.
It's my job to make sure you find something
of interest to you while you're here!
So,without further delay,let's get to it!

I have a LARGE collection of wood patterns,
so thought I'd share some of them with you!
Feel free to take them and enjoy as I have over
the years! All I ask in return is that you please
sign my guestbook to let me know you were here! :o)


Today I recieved a very nasty letter
from one of the well known pattern companies,
telling me that I had used some of their patterns
on the site and they would have to be removed
or face a very large fine! Well,I'm not sure all of the
patterns mentioned were really theirs,but I can't
afford to find out the hard way,sooooooo......
I'm really sorry if you came looking for one of
the patterns that was removed.
I am trying to remove the links to those patterns now,
but just in case I do miss any and you can't find
the page for that pattern you were looking for,you'll
know why. Thanks for your understanding.

Update Notice

Just wanted everyone to know that I have TOTALLY
enjoyed doing this site and "meeting" so many of you
since it started! Have made some wonderful friends
here,you know who you are! :o)

As some of you know,I have returned to the work force
since the inception of the site. I find that I no
longer have the pleasure of free time on my hands as
I once did! Waaaahhh! :o) SO.....
I can no longer keep the site updated as had been planned!
I'm REALLY sorry about this,but no can do,unless someone
of ya wish to pay my bills for me! LOL
Seriously,I will try to update if and when I can,
but cannot guarantee anything. Have had lots of requests
for special or certain patterns,I just can't do it!
My family comes first!

I do hope all of you understand and I really hope you will
continue to enjoy what is here.
Love and hugs to all,Lizzy

These patterns look terrible when viewed with
the AOL browser,now would be a good time to switch if ya can! :o)


Waters Edge Patterns
Patterns related to the water or the waters edge By Request!
Spring Time Patterns
Patterns for Valentine's Day,Easter,other Springtime patterns
This n That Wood Patterns
Cows,Angels,few assorted others so far!
Gifts From Wood
They don't have to be gifts! You deserve them also! :o)
Quickie Crafts
Some quick and easy craft projects
Wood Tips
Tips on wood buying and usage
Paint Tips
Tips on painting (Some from you,the visitors!) Thank you! :o)

New page!

Craft Tips and Ideas
These are from visitors!! Do you have any YOU'D like to share?
Links Page
Links to Craft Sites n More
A Few Of Our Favorite Recipes
Haven't seen these elsewhere,
you might enjoy them
Few Mexican Recipes are now posted!
Message Board
Come join the fun! Share your ideas, join a craft swap,
meet new friends! ALL are welcome!

Thank you so much for this award! :o)

Thank you Clarisse for this wonderful award!
Ya know I love ya!:o)

Thank you for visiting with me!
I hope you will come back real soon !
Don't forget to bookmark !!

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