Mexican Dishes

The following recipe is for an Enchilada Casserole that was served the first time I had dinner with my husband and his family,before he was my hubby.It impressed me then as wonderful and still does to this day.I really hope you will give it a try! You will be using a large casserole dish(9x 13 or larger),2 large boilers,1 small skillet.If you have things set out and ready to go,makes preperation of dish a lot easier.

Ma's Enchilada Casserole

2-3 lbs.ground beef
4 cans Old El Paso Mild Enchilada Sauce
1-2 bunches chopped green onions
1/2 large box Velvetta cheese,cubed
1 can black olives,sliced
1 lg. pkg.corn tortillas,36 count
oil for cooking tortillas
small amount of flour

Cook meat in large pan,drain well when done.While meat is cooking,chop onions and cube cheese.Slice olives,set aside.Pour small amount of oil into large pan,heat,add small amount of flour,mixing like making gravy,stirring till smooth.Pour enchilada sauce into pan with oil and flour mixture,stirring well,reduce heat to low.

You are now ready to begin building this great dish.If you have the room to arrange everything in one place,it will speed your prep. time.If not,it just takes a little longer to assemble.Heat a small amount of oil in small skillet over medium heat to cook tortillas. When oil is hot,cook tortillas, one at a time,just till soft and pliable..You DON'T want to cook them until they are crisp!

Allow oil to drip back into pan,then drop tortilla into sauce mixture,covering both sides of tortilla with sauce.With large slotted spatula,gently lift from sauce,place in casserole dish. Repeat steps till bottom of casserole dish is covered with tortillas.You may want to remove skillet from heat at this point.Beginning with meat,make a layer of meat,onions,and cheese to cover all tortillas.Return skillet to heat,repeat all steps,making layers till pan is full or till you run out of ingredients,top with a final layer of tortillas.

If you have leftover sauce,you may wish to spoon a little of it over top and along sides of casserole dish pushing it down the sides with spatula.Scatter any leftover cheese or onions over top also,sprinkle top with sliced olives.Cover dish with foil wrap,bake in 350* oven till cheese is melted all the way through layers.Serve when ready.

If your family likes Mexican food,they should love this! It is a little time consuming till you get the hang of going back and forth.I usually make 2 casserole dishes of these at a time,I can usually have both done within 45 minutes.

This dish freezes well,great to have on hand when unexpected people drop in! Serve with Refried beans and Spanish rice,or salad,you've got the whole meal!And what a meal it is!

The next recipe is for a Mexican sausage,Chorizo,usually served with eggs,then wrapped in flour tortillas. This is spicy,but not hot!This recipe makes about 3 lbs. of sausage,keep a small amount out for use within next few days,wrap remainder in small freezer bags,freeze for later use.

Chorizo n Eggs

3 lbs. bulk pork sausage
2/3 cup white vinegar
1 T. paprika
1 t. black pepper
2 t. sage
2 t. ground cumin
3 t. oregano
3 t. garlic powder
6 T. "mild" chili powder

Mix all dry ingredients together well.Add vinegar,mix well to thick paste consistency.With hands,mix in sausage,mixing well.Refrigerate in air tight covered bowl over night.

Next day,remove what amount you wish to use within next few days,keep covered in frig.,freeze remainder in size packets you can use within few days time.

When ready to use,allow at least 1 large T. of sausage per person,cook for about 10 minutes over med. heat,drain excess grease if needed,now add 2-3 eggs per person,scramble till desired doneness.

If you want a hot sausage,add more chili powder or use a "hot" chili powder,you may want to try the recipe as is first,then judge to your personal taste.

Chili Rellenos Casserole

2 4 oz. cans green chilies
1 6 oz. pkg. Montery Jack cheese
4 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper

Drain peppers,cut lenghtwise in half,remove seeds.Cut Jack cheese in strips to fit on top of peppers.Place in greased 10x6x2 baking dish.Mix milk and eggs together,beat in flour,salt and pepper till smooth.Pour over peppers.Sprinkle cheddar cheese over top.Bake in 350* oven for 30 min.


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